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Presentations and feedback

by admin last modified Mar 30, 2017 07:46 PM
Physically, jewelry (some parts of the collection) located in the art galleries and jewelry shops in different countries. Extended presentation of the collection made from time to time from time to time.

If you are interested to get acquainted with the jewelry collection «ZOHAR", contact our Information Centre. We can help you find a convenient time and place and send an invitation to the presentation (our presentation is invitation-only).
If you are the master of art or jewelry salon and want to become our representative in your area or to organize a presentation, please write to International Management Team.
For more information about pick-me-your jewelry, please contact support.
We welcome your feedback about the jewelry collection «ZOHAR», and we are grateful for your participation in spreading information about the collection in social networks and friends

Privacy Policy

Each piece of jewelry from the collection has a serial number and the holder may at any time to contact us with a request to replace or add any item, to create a new jewelry, as an extension of the individual, the "family" style.

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