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Luxury for every day

by admin last modified Apr 05, 2017 04:52 PM
A new luxury jewelry collection for those who sees the true beauty in a creation and can properly give it value.

The word ‘luxury’ differs in meaning in various cultures and social spheres.

In the textbook sense a luxury good is one which is valued much higher in terms of quality, style, uniqueness, availability and price. A luxury good possesses an opulence which differentiates it from the normal good and is perceived as a symbol of wealth, influence, prestige and exclusivity. A luxury good is that which underscores belonging to the elite.

It is this definition that helped the establishment of luxury brands offering superior style, design, quality, and in turn, a high price.

But it is no secret that the lion’s share of the price of todays’ luxury goods is based on high margins and even higher advertising budgets, both of which lead to a wide gap between the price and the real value of the good itself. The globalization trend further adds to this disparity in price versus real value, as it is not possible to imagine a modern luxury brand without a retail outlet on Fifth Avenue or Madison Avenue in New York, Bond Street in London, Ginza in Tokyo, Champs-Elysees or Avenue Montaigne in Paris or Tverskaya in Moscow.

Globalization also increases the wellbeing of today’s population, freedom of mobility, better communication and access to information attract bigger and bigger numbers of consumers to the the luxury goods and services market.

On the other hand technological advances change our perception about goods and services that were once considered luxury: travel, comfortable vacations, modern tools for communication have been transformed from luxury to mass luxury.

Even more influence on the luxury goods market and services exhibit socio-economic instability. Real estate, yachts, airplanes share a high cost of ownership without the guarantee of their ability to keep their prestige factor and investment attraction. Stocks, funds and other securities not only fail to fulfill the basic requirements for a luxury good – demonstrate belonging to the elite- but also do not correspond to the main definition of a luxury good – provide pleasure. Rather, quite the opposite, often create worry and doubt in tomorrow.

Exceptional fine jewels with large precious stones, each one unique, remain a classical luxury good which define time.

Of course, a large stone ring cannot be worn in place of shoes or used instead of a suitcase, but in terms of investment in luxury goods, to unique jewels, precious metals, and more so, precious stones, there are no equals. At no time in recent history has there been a period when jewels, handmade by a master, morally aged or lost their value. Their value, like that of any other work of art is determined by its content and talent of its creator, not the popularity of the brand of the store where it is sold.

The ZOHAR Collection presented here to you is named after an ancient Kabbalistic text, whose deep philosophical meaning to this day remains a mystery. Like the mystery of the magic which remains unmatched in a unique precious stone.

Wedding rings with white and black diamonds, fixed on a rotating basis, non-dimensional ring with changeable diamonds ornaments, rings and earrings with a variable-volume, sets with big semiprecious stones and diamonds, romantic, mysterious and elegant jewelry for every taste and every day

Privacy Policy

Each piece of jewelry from the collection has a serial number and the holder may at any time to contact us with a request to replace or add any item, to create a new jewelry, as an extension of the individual, the "family" style.

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