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«ZOHAR» collection

ZOHAR Fine Jewelry Collection is unique in its own right.
It is an unprecedented fusion of talent, imagination and craftsmanship
of contemporary jewelers around the world.

Romantic, Elegant and Mysterious
are the three stylistic lines the collection is diverged into.

Parts of the jewelry collection are located in several art galleries and jewelry stores in different countries.

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Investing in diamonds

Working with us, you can diversify
Your diamond investment portfolio
In three main ways:

Investment in jewelry

You choose a specific jewelry from Zohar Jewelry collection catalog.

Investing in a diamond

Purchase of a diamond on the Israeli Diamond Exchange.

Investment deposit under the guarantee of a diamond

Option to reduce the complexity of converting a diamond into real money.

Each piece of jewelry from the collection has a serial number and its owner can at any time contact us with a request to replace or add any element

Luxury for every day

A new luxury jewelry collection for those who sees the true beauty in a creation and can properly give it value.

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