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Privacy Policy

by admin last modified Apr 05, 2017 05:53 PM
Each piece of jewelry from the collection has a serial number and the holder may at any time to contact us with a request to replace or add any item, to create a new jewelry, as an extension of the individual, the "family" style.

We maintain the confidentiality of information about the holders of products in our collection. A potential buyer may be discreet.
However, many of our customers communicate with each other. As a rule, these people are a range of interests, although often speak different languages and live in different countries. You can verify this by visiting «Our clients and useful addresses».
We are proud that our clients are organized into a kind of informal club «ZOHAR".

Investment deposit under the guarantee of a diamond

The investment deposit guaranteed by the diamond more then 1 ct or not less than five thousand dollars. This option allows you to shave from a shortage of investment in diamonds, namely the difficulty of converting diamond into cash (liquidity).

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